We will prepare and create the groundwork for your projects

feasibility study of investment projects
expertise studies and methodical handbooks related to the cost-benefit analysis
consultant services.

We will write the grant application for your project funded from the Structural funds

analysis of the advisability of the grant financing
optimization of project parameters to maximize the chance to receive the grant.

We always endeavour to find the best solution not for us,
but for the successful implementation of your project.

Our skills and rich experience in financial and socio-economic evaluation of investment projects guarantee the high quality of our services.



We also hold educational courses and trainings focused on the evaluation of investment projects both in general and with the use of the eCBA applications. Participants can learn how to make out a cost-benefit analysis of the project, how to prepare whole feasibility study and how the use of eCBA application can make their work easier, more effective and less time spending.

We can also prepare course or seminar completely optimised by your individual request. Feel free to contact us for more details.